Make sure the right people are on the right projects at the right time. Automate scheduling, resource allocation, budgeting and forecasting to help project managers and resource planners determine whether proposed fees are accurate, appropriate staff is available and allocated effectively, and projects come in on time and on budget. Timesheet entries and expense reports feed actual costs back into the project plan for an accurate rolling forecast that managers can use to make faster, more informed decisions and ensure projects stay on track.

Vision Project Connect

Vision Project Connect provides the benefits of organization-wide resource management and choice for project manager’s. You’ll get:

  • Fast and easy bi-directional integration between Deltek Vision and Microsoft Project.
  • Ready to use workflows, integration processes and data mappings based on best practice and real-world scenarios.
  • A seamless environment that allows the strengths of each tool to be leveraged.
  • Ability to share Vision information with either Microsoft Project desktop or Microsoft Project Server.

With Vision Project Connect, it doesn’t matter which tool your firm uses to manage a specific project. Whether you manage one or all of your plans in Microsoft Project, superior firm-wide resource management can be conducted with Vision Project Connect.

Vision Project Connect allows you to:

  • Track job-to-date progress from Vision data in Microsoft Project
  • Manage employee data in one place
  • Provide project managers choice and flexibility
  • Match the complexity level of the project with the complexity level of the project management tool