How to learn to play DOTA 2? – MOBA has a very simple base: team games on a map with three corridors. Although it’s a little more complex than that, the basic concepts of what a game is in any game of this kind are easy to understand and assimilate. Of course, dominating them is another story.

Just that is what happens with DOTA 2. It is not a game that costs much to access, but as soon as we want to go into the last detail, we notice that the thing gets serious. There are those who cost him the most and there are those who seem to have been born for this; if you are one of the first, this is your guide. And if you haven’t taken your first steps yet, don’t forget to learn everything you need about DOTA 2 before you start playing. Once done, remember to know all the tricks.

Play against bots

Playing games against bots doesn’t sound very rewarding or exciting. Are simply games against the AI lack the excitement of the official tournament with prizes millionaires? However, that is what we will have to do at the beginning. And it is for several good reasons.

At DOTA 2 we have a lot to learn, or a lot to familiarize ourselves with before standing face to face with other players. It’s not just about knowing that there are three corridors and you have to get to the end to win the game by destroying the Ancient. It’s about getting to know the different dynamics, which is done by playing a lot, there is no other.

On the other hand, there are 112 Heroes. Which the hell do we start playing with? I won’t be playing with it too much and I’ll be leaving out some cheetah? It’s 112 and we have them available from the beginning. To master a single Hero can cost yours. Playing complete games against bots is the best way to get the hang of it. And it’s good that we master a good number of heroes so we can be versatile and deal with different games against players.

We can also play practice games 1 vs. 1. Just with the central corridor activated and against another player like us, totally lost. Not bad for having a worthy look at the hero we want to try, but your thing is to play complete games with a hero to see how it works throughout the battle.

In addition, you will not be able to play qualifying games for the ranking until level 20. If your wish was to be ready soon, get ready more. DOTA 2 is very competitive, and the different difficulties of AI are very good to improve as we master the mechanics of the game. However, playing normal (non-qualifying) games against Real players is good for experiencing other dynamics. So don’t go crazy with the booths.

Watch other games

One of the best options DOTA 2 has for beginners is the “View” tab on the top bar. There we will have many options to see other players ‘ games. Whether it’s going on or the most prestigious tournaments.

Watching the best play is always one of the best ways to learn. Since they are very likely to have original and effective ideas that it would take us a long time to figure out.

In short, if we want to learn how to play Dota we have a lot of work ahead of us to chop stone. To confront the bots with different heroes to take the measurements, to increase the difficulty of them and to see games of users who know more than us.