Video game lovers have always dreamed of being able to work playing: to be able to receive benefits from one of their favorite hobbies. Although there are already professionals in so-called” eSports ” or electronic sports (video game competitions), it is very difficult to reach the levels of the experts in these competitions.

It is a booming phenomenon and, for now, the foundations are being laid for the sector that moves 750 million dollars a year and that has already begun to interest important commercial firms from all walks of life because of its great possibilities. Even so, the phenomenon is expanding and, for now, receives more investment than income, but little by little the creation of ,job opportunities is being observed.

To make it easier to achieve this goal, I become part of a project that offers comprehensive training so that students, including me, can become professionals in electronic sports and develop their professional careers. In addition to video game training, students can receive support from psychologists, physiotherapists, and communication professionals, who help us learn to work as a team or manage their emotions, such as frustration, or manage pressure when competing or in front of the public, among other skills. When it comes to the games I picked League of Legends. League of Legends is an online video game, one in which teams are composed of five positions: upper lane, jungle, Central Lane, Lower Lane, and support. One big enough for each player to win at least $ 5,000 per season in the main league, lasting four months. The most experienced however reach 10,000. Read below to find out why I have picked up this game.

In the beginning, League of Legends was based on the idea that the player was a Summoner who took control of heroes of Runaterra, the fictional universe that serves as a pretext for the game. In this universe, the wars between the factions have been reduced to a fight of champions and heroes who have made the decision to fight, thus creating the League of Legends or League of Legends. We can find three different types of scenarios, called Fields of Justice.

The goal in League of Legends is always to destroy the rival’s Nexus. To do this, we must advance along the lines, destroying the enemy towers. With us there will be gr,oups of minions coming out from the base, with three fighting hand-to-hand and three fightings at a distance. They are automatically generated and controlled by AI. Once we get to the base, we will also have to destroy the inhibitors, which will allow us to recruit for a limited time the Super minions.

League of Legends has more than 130 characters, each with unique skills. Each champion has a story behind why he has come to fight in the fields of justice, but everyone has in common certain points when it comes to playing with them. In League of Legends, champions can level up and collect gold. The experience is obtained by killing enemy minions, jungle creatures or enemy champions, as well as gold, except that it is also generated over time.

Why is it good having an experience? The levels of champions are very important because, in addition to increasing their basic statistics, it allows unlocking skills. Each champion has four skills, three basics and one final. The skills of champions are what make them special and unique, and it also designates where they can play on the map. Basic skills can be learned from Level One and can improve up to five times. However, the ultimate ability can only be learned from Level Six, having to wait for more levels to improve it.